New `manifest.toml` fields: `contact_url`, `donate_url`?

This post has been transferred from spec: New manifest.toml fields? · Issue #32 · webxdc/webxdc_docs · GitHub

We already have a source_code_url field, so the following are quite similar in principle. It should make it much easier to port existing apps, and to develop new ones, focusing on functionality and not infrastructure and chores, shifting the burden of implementing that to webxdc implementation developers.

On the other hand, all (most?) of the suggested field’s functionality can be achieved by app developers themselves (inside the app), so maybe it’s not worth to bloat the spec. They say perfection is attained not when there is nothing to add but when there is nothing to remove.

On even more other hand, making the fields optional (I mean for the webxdc implementations, not for app authors) would be the best of both worlds.

  • contact_url A field (or several of them?) with an email address, to report bugs (or contact in general). Given the nature of Delta Chat, it would be extremely easy to contact the app authors, without having to create a GitHub/GitLab/whatever account. Maybe also optionally allow the ?body query param that could be a bug report form.
  • update_url: A URL to easily check for new app versions, possibly automatically. Web extensions implement this. (Need to also consider digital signatures then, although maybe given that webxdc apps are pretty sandboxed anyway, there is no point).
  • donate_url. has this field in the web extensions store (not in the manifest). Could be a cryptocurrency address.

We could also steal ideas from Web Extension manifest, extension stores (Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Add-ons), Android app manifest, Google Play, F-Droid store, package.json, Cargo.toml, and others.