New messages cause notifications in mail clients

Delta Chat version

F-Droid 1.26.2

Expected behavior

No Delta Chat messages make it to my Inbox and I can re-enable my mail client notifications to be notified of useful emails.

Actual behavior

When I have a regular email client open (Thunderbird, for example), Delta Chat messages flash in my inbox briefly before being moved to the Delta Chat folder. This prevents me from using any sort of email notifications in my email clients as I get inundated with notifications from my Delta Chat messages (and read receipts).

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Sign-in to Delta Chat
  2. Enable “Send Copy to Self” (I use both Desktop Linux app and Android app)
  3. Open a mail client on desktop (Thunderbird, for example)
  4. Send and Receive messages in Delta Chat and observe Thunderbird mail client inbox flash with new messages and/or notifications to be triggered.

Other notes
This is also happening in Spark Mail for iOS on my wife’s phone. She told me she had to disable notifications as she was getting at least one for each Delta Chat message.

There is no thing DeltaChat could do differently (if it doesn’t run in the background and gets the message first to move it there is nothing we could do differently), you need a server-side filter rule or a dedicated email account for deltachat.
Or enable “show emails:all” and use deltachat as only email client, if that is enough for your usecase.

see Sieve rule to move DeltaChat mails to DeltaChat folder

Also some email clients allow you to ignore deltachat messages in their settings (such as k-9mail), so that could be a solution for android at least.

And for thunderbird you can also create filters to move the chat emails on receiving them, but note that those also only run when thunderbird is active.