Newsletter Subscription

One of the reasons for telegram’s success is the huge number of channels, with the most varied themes, and the ease with which they can be searched and join them,

I believed that delta Chat has no reason to lag behind in this regard.

On the internet there are millions of sites that allow you to subscribe to newsletters informative via email,

Delta chat could provide some simple tools to improve the current experience, of course providers could/would also to make some modifications to their services.

  1. support for subscription to newsletters via QR code.

  2. providers can send some information in the header of the message so that delta knows that it is a read-only mail and in this way,
    for example, skip the text edit bar.

  3. some simple way could also be designed to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe directly from the chat itself, of course the provider
    you must allow this.

  4. Something else I’ve been thinking about is maybe Delta.Chat you are interested in creating a web database, where newsletter providers
    can record their data and be a place where they can perform searches and facilitate registration in sites of interest to me.

  5. A simple bot could be associated with this database, which allows us to search directly from delta chat.

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It would be a very interesting and important function, you would have the Delta Chat search tools in the mailing lists, I think it is very useful.
Just see their great use (for example in OpenStreetMap
If necessary, I have the possibility to create ml to test Delta Chat.