No Avatar pictures


I use DC v0.101.1 on android 8.1
In my chatlist i cant see pictures from my DC contacts only the icon with the first letter of his / here name.
Is it a buck or a option?


If you give DC acces to your address book the pictures from phone book contacts will shown in your chat list.


Okay, but i think OC users can use individual pictures in the profile. I think this picture transfare to chat partners. Is it wrong?


Group pictures transfare to all useres but in one to one chat it doesn’t work


Yes, it seems like this feature is not working. Also I would like to have an option to avoid the use the image and names from my contacts book and let the users share they custom profile image and names. And show their shared status/signature-text, on their profile, all this give Delta Chat a profile with a more social feeling that people seems to like.


BTW, contacts in DeltaChat (v0.100+) must match exactly names in phone’s address book, otherwise one won’t see images assigned to contacts in phone’s address book.

I think it would be much more convenient to match contacts between DC and phone by email(s) address(es) first and only after that by contact name. (I believe it worked in DC v0.20 )


I think so, too.


no, it did never worked, neither in 0.20 nor in older version. user-avatars are just not yet implemented in the core.

however, nevertheless, the status is getting better as 0.100 now knows how to handle them ui-wise :slight_smile:


Just reporting if it may help to understand better what I meant:

When I installed DC 0.20 I added contacts using their emails with custom contact names and DC pulled assigned in the phone’s address book “faces” images to DC where the same email was present in phone book, but after upgrade to 0.100, images disappeared and replaced with color circles except one contact. When I tried to investigate it, I found out that contact name in DC 0.100 must match exactly names assigned in phone’s address book, after editing contacts names in DC 0.100, DC pulled images from phone book back.


this smells to bug report, I recommend to report it in github
AlexJ +1