No messages shown in "contact requests"

What do you mean by “otherwise it would not be possible to accept a contact”? You click on the “contact requests” view and then select the message/contact you want to convert to a chat. Just as it is now.

That would be the setting “All”, right? I have been talking about my proposal between “For accepted contacts” and “All”, see above.

What do you mean by “That would be the setting “all””?

I would like the “contact requests” view to not show nothing on the setting “For accepted contacts” to show the same as the setting “All”.

Actually that is what you can achieve right now with the setting “All”.

No, when DeltaChat is set to “All” the user gets requests for almost every mail.

What I’m suggesting is changing the “contact requests” view. That doesn’t have anything to do with the requests that show up at the top of the conversation list.

OK, so when “For accepted contacts” is enabled, you would like to have contact requests to be shown in the contact request view only? How should the user (you) be informed about a new contact request when it does not pop up in the conversation list?

Right :slight_smile:
I’m suggesting keeping the rest like it is now, so no contact requests. To start a new chat and get notifications/show mails in DeltaChat the mail address/contact needs to be inserted manually.

That option would not be suitable for me, because I would be forced to open the contact request view regularly to see if someone new tried to get in touch with me. A toast, e.g. “A new contact request has been received!” should pop up at least to inform the user. Otherwise nobody knows to check for contact requests manually, especially those who have not used a messenger before.

This can be done already, although it will not be used very much, because Delta Chat can access the contacts saved in the operating system (if the app has been granted access to).

Of course a lot of things can be done to make your experience better. But with almost all suggestions there are people who like the current behaviour better for some reason and it brings complexities with it, also with the development and implenetation of the suggestions/change.

That’s why I am for my minimal solution first. I can’t see any downsides to it and it’s a very small change. You personally might not find it useful, but it won’t make anything worse either. For me and possibly others it would be a useful change.

But it can’t be done already. If the setting is changed to “All” the “contact requests” view will contain all mails like I’d like to, however DeltaChat shows a list of all new contact requests as well at the top of the conversation. I don’t want that. I do want the list of all mails in the “contact requests” view however, which currently serves no purpose if the setting is “For accepted contacts”.

But it is always better to get more information than less or even none.

See? So much for the user experience. :wink:

Your experience != (general) user experience :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a general assumption neither you nor I can claim.

No, that’s just a fact.

However what you probably mean is that most or all users would agree to you. This is complex though and that’s one of the reasons why I want my suggestion to be minimal so that most or all people agree and it also takes very little coding effort.

We can have different opinions about what can be good (or bad), and listening to each other is important. After all, it does not matter whether you like my proposal or not. (I do not like yours, too, BTW.) You are just another user like so many others, so please do not play the judge for all users.

If you want to contribute to the topic, do it here. And if you long for getting personal, do it in a private message. Thanks.

I was just saying no single person’s experience is the same as the experience of everyone. Since you said I should not play the judge for all users you seem to agree.

No, you said:

It can be understood this way: “gerryfrancis has a different user experience than other users.”

But your last statement reads like: “gerryfrancis has a different user experience than many users.” While I believe that is not true either, I can live with it way better.

Every one user will not have the same experience than all other users. If that were the case then all users would have the same user experience which is pretty much impossible.

I didn’t read all of this topic, but skimming it looks like you first talked cross-purposes and the last ~10 messages are a full on meta discussion that looks like it could end up in a fight.

So I suggest we do an audio/video call to resolve this.
I’ll send you a DM-Group message to organize it. @gerryfrancis and @Lexi.

Option contact requests Messages
Chat only dc messages from unknown contacts all dc messages from accepted contacts/groups
Email only from accepted contacts dc messages from unknown contacts also show email messages that come from accepted contacts/groups
All Emails dc messages and emails from unknown contacts messages (chat or email from accepted contacts/groups

show_emails = DC_SHOW_EMAILS_OFF (0)= show direct replies to chats only (default), DC_SHOW_EMAILS_ACCEPTED_CONTACTS (1)= also show all mails of confirmed contacts, DC_SHOW_EMAILS_ALL (2)= also show mails of unconfirmed contacts in the deaddrop.

not all emails are dowloaded by DeltaChat, this setting only applies to new emails,
It does not download old emails to put them into the contact request view retroactively.