Not receiving messages in background

I’m just beginning to use deltachat on android. Unfortunately I cannot receive any new messages while the app is on background. For sure I activated the run in background for deltachat. Nevertheless messages are only received when starting the app and running I foreground.

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

Receive messages even if app is closed or in background

Actual behavior

Only receive messages when starting the app again

Steps to reproduce the problem

1send to background
2.send messages by another device
3. Wait to receive messages for 4 hours and more
4. Open delta chat again and all messages I the time between sent are re eived

Screen snapshots

Not applicable

Could you update to version 1.10.5 and find out if the issue remains, please? Thank you in advance.

Thank for the feedback!
Is version 1.10.5 available through Google Play Store? Google is not offering any update for DeltaChat for my device.
I’m using Samsung Galaxy A8 with Android 9

Version 1.10.5 is not available on Google Play, yet. For now you may download from here:

Ok, will test 1.10.5 and give you feedback on it.

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you can enable the permanent notification in Settings/Notifications enable “Reliable background connection”


If you still have problems, try the guide to properly set up your Android [1].
Unfortunately Android kills apps in the background.


Thank you for this hint. I tried and tested continiously and this solved the problem for me. :+1:

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I’m testing Version 1.10.5 for some time now. Works fine for me :+1:. The solution was to activate the option “reliable background connection”


Great, thank you for reporting back! Please mark your post as solution, thanks! (Edit: Sorry, I have seen you have done so already…)