Notifications on android

I’m having issues with notifications. If I don’t use Delta Chat for a while – notifications stop working. I’m running the latest Delta Chat app on two android phones and a Windows desktop. On my Windows system – I get notifications no problem. I’ve setup the phones with everything checked under Settings → Notifications (including reliable background connection). It properly shows the background connection enabled at the top of my phones.

The only way I can get the notification to start working again is if I send a message from one of my phones to someone. I have no idea why but after I do that - the notifications will start working on both phones right away.

which android version are you using?
maybe you are experiencing this bug: Messages not coming in anymore (probably due to dead idle tasks caused by network change) · Issue #2400 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub?

many android phone-version same problem. old problem, no fix.

I’m on Android 12 - that does look like it could be the same issue. I’ll run some tests.

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I have the same question on android 11

The new messages can not delivered in time in the other devices, but i found the new messages in the deltachat fold.

My suggestion is: add the chat mode, in this mode, get mail time interval change to 1~5s