Notifications on Mac, Windows and iphone

We’ve installed on Mac, Windows and iphone with two different test accounts. Works perfect. Exactly what we are after. But, the deal breaker is Notifications. Without notifications the app is useless to us. Notifications are turned on for all devices, but never show. What can we do?

for desktop (Mac and windows) deltachat must be running/active otherwise there can not be notification because the app can not check for new emails when it is not running.

On iOS notification reliability is a known problem, because apple is very restrictive with background processes. But if you don’t get notifications after 20min-60min then this is a bug and you should contact us with your logs.

Hi Simon.

Yes, all testing with apps running fresh. I did read about the IOS notification issues in the FAQ or forum. IOS isn’t much of a concern.

A test this morning and there are no notifications on any device. We are using dedicated imap email addresses for use with DC. The email address is in Mac Mail and the notification does appear there, but not for Delta Chat. Also, the green dot in the chat doesn’t go away when the note is read.

DC is the most simple and easy such email chat app we’ve tried for cross platform communication. Thanks for the great work. Just hope we can get this resolved.

Attached log and I see it begins with a warning.


(Attachment 2023-08-14-17-52-40.log is missing)

you should send this as DM unless you want the contents of it to be public, which might be private. alternative is that you censor it yourself first.

From which timeframe are you missing notifications?
Have you made sure notifications are both enabled in deltachat settings and in macOS system settings?

On some windows versions there were reports of missing notification tones, which windows versions are you using? (not only the tone is missing I assume?)