Notifications only for fave contacts

Is there a way to (at night) only get plinged by fam? I usually set to quiet hours at night but then I might miss my fave people.

no. as far as i know this is currently not possible on iOS nor sth. like that is planned.

nb: in case some Android users read this; on newer Androids, depending on the operating system, it might be possible to achieve sth. similar by editing the concrete notifications when they pop up in the system notification area (Delta Chat creates “notification channels” for each chat, that can be configured).

On iOS, doesn’t the app get a say in what to notify for? I don’t know how it works.

Delta Chat (and Jitsi calls iniated from it) is pretty much all of my contacts these days

currently you could mute all other chats, we could discuss a whitelist or supporting iOS “focus” / do not disturb features in the future.

can’t default sound be set on iOS DC? if so, you could set default notification sound for DC to silent, then set a sound for the chats you want to receive sounds notifications, then changing the default sound from silent to default (and the other way around) will be a trick to enable/disable “favs only” mode

(not an iOS user sorry if this doesn’t makes sense on iOS)