Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this)

If I use “watch only DC folder” and move all messages sendet to my DC alias adress into this folder, I can say my friends: “this is my Chat adress”.

So probably they will start a chat by sending a message to this adress by thinking I will replay fast (messenger like).

But if I will not be notified, maybe I will realize this message too late, not until I open DC.

This should be a option of course.
Because there also will be users who not want be disturbed by contact requests.


I also would like an alert for new messages in “contact requests” :slight_smile:

I proposed a user option to have it or not in the past.

It has its use-case. Wasn’t it even possible to enable notifications in the past (once incoming emails appeared in a “contact request” chat)?

I don’t understand you (my bad english).
I there a technical problem to implemt this or is there a way to still make it possible to notifie contact requestst?

I also would like the “contact requests” to be more visible, ex. by showing a letter icon with a badge with the number of messages in the contact request view, instead of the QR code icon in the top bar.
Most the time I don’t even realize I have new mail, because I don’t use frequently another email client app since I installed Delta Chat.


I’ve the same use case and issue :slight_smile:

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since the inbox or “contact requests” is not visible from the chats list, I even forget to check it :smile:

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Fully agree.
As I remember (with v0.9.3 in each case) there was a user setting to show “contact requests” like a normal chat so You’ll get informed with every new message there.
The disadvantage was: If You get many new mails (spam!) in “contact requests” this chat is always on top of chat list and disturbes You (maybe).
I don’t know why this has been changed to the current solution. I my eyes the old solution was the best and user was able to decide for hisself how to handle it.

I think it’s worth to start the discussion again and (hopefully) we can get at least old solution back :-/

By the way @webratte: I think the correct wording for the title is “Notify …” instead of “Notifie …”. Maybe You can change this?


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smartass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you.
Done :+1:

This is what I am talking about:

see: Make Contact Requests more visible


Good proposal :slight_smile:

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show your support at Make Contact Requests more visible to make the developers aware of this :slight_smile:

I think that there should be notification settings for the contact requests just like for a group. E.g., I would enable notifications but limit them to one a day.

Perdón pero no se nada de ingles
Mi opinión es la siguiente, el formato de cliente estándar está muy difundido mundialmente, para poder llegarle a usuarios básico, no se le deve complicar tanto la aplicación, que todos los mensage entres como Chat y que el usuario después los bloques si no los desea o los silencie si desea. Pero que al menos notifiqué, no me considero un novato y en ovaciones no me entero cuando alguien nuevo me escribe.

Sorry, buy I don’t talk English,
My opinion is the following, the classic email is widely used, to be accessible to non-tech users, the app shouldn’t be so complex(TRANSLATOR NOTE: he refers to the current UX of the contact request), all messages could come as chats and let the user decide to block/silence them as needed. But that at least notify the user, I don’t consider my self a newbie and sometimes I’m miss the messages from new (wanted)contacts request.

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At the end we need at least an alert for new messages in contact request!

it’s not ok to manually poll contact requests only for not to dismiss a wanted message there.

@adbenitez made a good proposal


BTW, @agutierrez welcome to the forum!

I don’t think it is a good idea to allow all messages from unknown contacts as you suggest, also I don’t even like the way contact requests work for contacts that use Delta Chat, because it could be abused by spammers anyway, so having all contact request in the contact request view(which needs improvements since currently it is only a bunch of messages) and make users more aware of contact requests in a way it isn’t disturbing like Make Contact Requests more visible or some other solution, could improve the UX.

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also having an opt-in setting to notify(notification bar) users when they have a contact request, (something like “new contact request from X” not notification for every message a new contact sends) could be useful.

I know we agree on the visibility and notification option, just like to add something.

I think it would make sense to be honest and say “contact request” was an unfortunate misnomer for deltachat.
In reality it is likely more understandable to refer to further emails as “emails”.