Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this)


If I use “watch only DC folder” and move all messages sendet to my DC alias adress into this folder, I can say my friends: “this is my Chat adress”.

So probably they will start a chat by sending a message to this adress by thinking I will replay fast (messenger like).

But if I will not be notified, maybe I will realize this message too late, not until I open DC.

This should be a option of course.
Because there also will be users who not want be disturbed by contact requests.

[Discussion] Make DC a replacement for MUAs?

I also would like an alert for new messages in “contact requests” :slight_smile:

I proposed a user option to have it or not in the past.


It has its use-case. Wasn’t it even possible to enable notifications in the past (once incoming emails appeared in a “contact request” chat)?


I don’t understand you (my bad english).
I there a technical problem to implemt this or is there a way to still make it possible to notifie contact requestst?


I also would like the “contact requests” to be more visible, ex. by showing a letter icon with a badge with the number of messages in the contact request view, instead of the QR code icon in the top bar.
Most the time I don’t even realize I have new mail, because I don’t use frequently another email client app since I installed Delta Chat.


I’ve the same use case and issue :slight_smile:


since the inbox or “contact requests” is not visible from the chats list, I even forget to check it :smile:


Fully agree.
As I remember (with v0.9.3 in each case) there was a user setting to show “contact requests” like a normal chat so You’ll get informed with every new message there.
The disadvantage was: If You get many new mails (spam!) in “contact requests” this chat is always on top of chat list and disturbes You (maybe).
I don’t know why this has been changed to the current solution. I my eyes the old solution was the best and user was able to decide for hisself how to handle it.

I think it’s worth to start the discussion again and (hopefully) we can get at least old solution back :-/


By the way @webratte: I think the correct wording for the title is “Notify …” instead of “Notifie …”. Maybe You can change this?



smartass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you.
Done :+1:


This is what I am talking about:

see: Make Contact Requests more visible


Good proposal :slight_smile:


show your support at Make Contact Requests more visible to make the developers aware of this :slight_smile:


I think that there should be notification settings for the contact requests just like for a group. E.g., I would enable notifications but limit them to one a day.