Make Contact Requests more visible

The access to the Inbox (now called Contact Requests) view is a bit hidden, not much visible to the users as it should be, my proposal makes the users more aware of the contact request/Inbox view without spamming the users with unwanted notifications.
What I propose is to show the access to “Contact Request” (with a badge with the count of messages on the Inbox/Contact Requests) on the tool bar instead of the QR button, I am not proposing a notification, just a quiet badge (probably showing N+ when the number is too big)

This is related to Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this) but not the same.

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I still think a (optionally) notification could be helpfully for non power users like me.
Without a notification I would miss new contacts for sure :wink:
At least I would realizes new contacts very late.

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Yes, but that should be considered as a different feature proposal (already created by you), I am trying not to be too broad/ambitious :wink:



Of course.
I just replayed because you said: “I am not proposing a notification” :wink:

Because I am not, you already have done that :slight_smile:

OK, now I understand :+1:

Good proposal !

Support :slight_smile:

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This needs to be done. Maybe we could only show header to avoid spam or something (yeah, I’m far from being an expert in this subject :wink: )

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I like this idea.

Well making “contact Requests” (or better “incoming emails”) more visible, is number one on the list of major things that are blocking the usability:

Not sure how the new “Emails activity” (tab?) is going to look like, but here it is:

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For the record here, a related problem.

Unfortunately the list of emails is currently not nice to use, because it is not synced with the INBOX on the server. That means every email currently needs to be deleted (or moved) separately on the server and on every deltachat device.

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removing them if they are removed from the server doesn’t sounds that good, but also it is true they are a pain to deal with and to remove, they would be not a trouble if something like I said in this comment: No contact request is poping up is done.

Because you want all email to get shown, and your email traffic and usage allows to handle all email in deltachat, you might not have realized it, yet. But not showing every email in deltachat is a crucial default. Just as not bothering the user in deltachat by requiring to manually dismiss and delete each email also in deltachat again.

The good thing of the minimal set of chat listening preferences is, that it should also actually allow to enable the automatic handling of all emails in deltachat (not only known contacts). (For when your email traffic allows it and your usage requires it.)

In addition to syncing changes with the server, this view probably also needs a limit (500?) to only keep the latest emails locally if the INBOX is huge.

I usually want to delete the messages from my inbox because I know I have them in Delta Chat, but it is true that maybe it is better to remove contact requests that were removed with another MUA, so I agree,
I think you had open an issue for that, so please lets keep the topic here around “Make Contact Requests more visible” I need this :wink:

Yeah, your workaround to let the server auto-delete and handle only the deltachat “Emails” works, if I wouldn’t need the emails in the classic MUA.

I need “Emails” (contact requests) more visible too, but not everybody wants it (and thus shouldn’t get disturbed by emails). So I think it wont’t and shouldn’t happen as a default.

Consequently, however, because configuration options shouldn’t happen in a way that prevent or don’t allow proper customization for yet others, I collected the optimized design.

With its 3 easy presets (similar to the limited “show emails?”), but based only on 4 more detailed options (not too much to implement), it should allow for full customization for everybody!

how is a badge with a number disturbing???

I am talking about this request(read initial post) I think it should be this way by default, to let people know they have emails from classic MUA in an unobtrusive way, that is healthy for people that are using DC right now and are complaining about they are missing contact request due to this view is “hard to check”

The icon is not disturbing for me, and I’m sure also not for you. :wink:
But likely for my grandma, she may also inadvertently tap on it and not know what tapping does in the other activity.

There will always be some differences in the personal preferences, thus I don’t think that everybody agreeing on every aspect of a single default would be possible, and it’s thus much more sensible and important to have a set of configuration options that really covers most users.

Preferences also change over time, I for example only changed what I think would be a good “factory” default for the “Email” (contact requests) view. (From show it by default to not show it by default.) This is because of the improvement in (Classic email listening: identifying classic-MUA start-chat messages (max. length, newlines)) to detect emails that should start a new chat.

With this email-listening in place, I think it could become obsolete for most “default” users to manually check the “Emails” for chat requests or opportunities in deltachat. All one may not even have to know at first then, is, that truly short email messages from known contacts directly open a chat, without much false positives (due to the max. 250 characters with max three newlines condition).

yeah but I am not talking about my preference, this is about an “easy” solution to what every user I know reports to me:
they lost contact request
they and your grandma don’t even know about this “Contact Requests” thing and when I try to explain it, they realize this is a pain to go and check this to check if they have new contact request