Make Contact Requests more visible


The access to the Inbox (now called Contact Requests) view is a bit hidden, not much visible to the users as it should be, my proposal makes the users more aware of the contact request/Inbox view without spamming the users with unwanted notifications.
What I propose is to show the access to “Contact Request” (with a badge with the count of messages on the Inbox/Contact Requests) on the tool bar instead of the QR button, I am not proposing a notification, just a quiet badge (probably showing N+ when the number is too big)

This is related to Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this) but not the same.

Example Images


Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this)
No contact request is poping up
Sieve rule to move DeltaChat mails to DeltaChat folder
Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this)

I still think a (optionally) notification could be helpfully for non power users like me.
Without a notification I would miss new contacts for sure :wink:
At least I would realizes new contacts very late.


Yes, but that should be considered as a different feature proposal (already created by you), I am trying not to be too broad/ambitious :wink:



Of course.
I just replayed because you said: “I am not proposing a notification” :wink:


Because I am not, you already have done that :slight_smile:


OK, now I understand :+1:


Good proposal !

Support :slight_smile:


This needs to be done. Maybe we could only show header to avoid spam or something (yeah, I’m far from being an expert in this subject :wink: )


I like this idea.


Well making “contact Requests” (or better “incoming emails”) more visible, is number one on the list of major things that are blocking the usability:

Not sure how the new “Emails activity” (tab?) is going to look like, but here it is: