Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this)

but what I am saying is not to treat every email of an unaccepted contact as independent but to group them all, this would be better when dealing with spam or lots of messages, to have the contact request view to look just like the normal chatlist view, just like Spike does, it is better to group them as a chat list than a messy bunch of bubbles messages

Yes, that’s what I gathered from

and fully agree.

Reusing the chat-list view for the list of emails, now that’s a darn good one! :slight_smile:
Why has nobody thought of that, very nice! Just thinking of how it can ease manual checking and management of the emails. (Not withstanding, of course, a different default download policy (headers only), also-delete-on-server by default, and other email clients managing and deleting messages in the inbox.)

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Good proposal :slight_smile:
But in every case there should be a hint of new messages into that.
For me that’s the main thing in the moment!


So, as I see, we will have a chat list with accepted contacts and another chat list with “contact requests”. I think you could access each of them, just by sliding the lists, to the right or to the left so as not to complicate with more buttons.

Yes. Having the option to turn on/off notifications for “Contact Requests” would be awesome.


Having notifications for “Contact Requests” that’s the first target to reach.
We have this discussion for years now.



I’m also linking here to a post I just made on another thread but I think it’s relevant:

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I think this could be implemented without much fear, DeltaChat by default, is configured to interact only with users who use DeltaChat, this feature by itself is a powerful spam blocker, if a user changes this configuration and decides to allow DeltaChat to receive all emails, then the user will have to assume the possible consequences,


Notifications will be displayed for messages arriving into contact requests chats in the next version (core version > 1.60).


Finally, we should be there at least in the near future, as I understood it.

But I’d really like that if I choose the “All emails” option, that the ‘Request’ can be completely disabled, because it’s unnecessary in this case, especially if the senders of the emails are people who are in the address book.

Why do I have to accept someone if they are already in my address book?
It doesn’t make sense