Oauth & delta.chat

Expected behavior

I would like to select an email provider through oauth authentication.

Actual behavior

There is no oauth authentication in delta.chat.

Example Images

image-description As we can see in this image I can select the email provider through oauth authentication.

There is oauth2 authentication on android for gmail and yandex.

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I speak on the desktop and not on android.

yeah that’s missing, but also not the easiest thing for us to add, because for example for gmail we need to convince them to allow us with videos, were we don’t know if even a human reviews the thing, its just annoying to write with google robots, it took us months to make gmail work, not just the technical part, just alone the bureaucracy with gmail.

What provider do you want to see in particular? Proton mail won’t work that easily because proton mail does not use IMAP (and their proxy needs a paid account and is untested with deltachat).