Oauth with google G Suite

Is it possible to use oauth with a G Suite google account? My email address doesn’t end with gmail.com and it doesn’t trigger the oauth flow.

There is a similar issue with Yandex.Mail for domain. If Thunderbird instructions don’t work, then we need to file an issue on GitHub.

The thunderbird instructions are using a password, google is phasing out support for using passwords instead of oauth.

Oh that’s bad…
Enabling oauth2 in android alone took us months and we only got automated/template emails back from google.

Maybe try logging into gmail.com server, but using your full email as a login?

to the initial question: gmail is currently only possible with @gmail.com e-mail-addresses.

currently, this is not possible, you have to use an @gmail.com address for oauth2 or enable an app-password or less-secure-apps.

this won’t work as oauth2 is triggered only by the domain currently.

Thanks for confirming, r10s. I noticed a few weeks ago that my Google accounts stopped working with less secure login—even for fetching email from one to another! So, I will need OAuth2. Is there a feature request I can subscribe to, so I know when it will be ready?

Are 2fa app passwords also broken?

i’d say this thread and https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android/issues/1314 https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/issues/1425 :slight_smile:

actually, no dev is working on that, therefore it is not open for now. @rrthomas if you want to work on that, i would happily reopen the issue. however, i think, most work is probabl in rust-core, not in android.

OK, many thanks!

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