Oauth2 Logins (Outlook 365 and Gmail) on Android and Desktop

Hi, I want to use Delta Chat with my Office 365 (work) account, a Gmail account, and two Ionos.de accounts. I plan to sync Delta between 1 Android and 2+ Linux PCs.

I first tried with the Android app and Gmail: The registration went fine. However, my institutional address dummy@xxx.mx was not recognized as an Office 365 account, which requires Oauth2 (basic IMAP/SMTP authentication was switched off by our institute…).

In the Desktop app, I can install none; For Gmail, it suggests creating an App password, which should be obsolete if Oauth2 is available.

Any hints?

Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

has your institute completely switched off IMAP/SMTP?
Is only the MS Exchange protocol allowed?
Are you able to read your email using Thunderbird or similar?


Hi, some clients are working fine; e.g. K-9 on my Android, and Mailspring on my Linux Desktop. The Apps must be registered; adding new Apps in Azure is not allowed. When I want to login into my O365 account from Delta Chat I face another problem: I put my email (=user for auth) and pass, but I can’t choose ID through Microsoft/O365/Oauth2. If l manually configure the account with the outlook.office365.com and SMTP.office365.com, choosing Oauth2 as method, the login fails. It actually should behave similar as the Gmail Oauth2 login and redirect me to the M$ login page, but Delta obviously does not recognize the (evil M$) nature of my account…
Any idea to get this working; ideally on Android and Desktop, but at least on the Android?

gmail oauth2 should work on android, afaik outlook oauth2 is not implemented.
on desktop no oauth2 is implemented currently unfortunately.

in desktop there is Cursed Delta a TUI & CLI Delta Chat client which support oauth2 for the providers Delta Chat core supports (I think they are Gmail and Yandex?)

it is a simple client not as feature-rich as the official Desktop client but could be used in a hurry, but my recommendation is to generate an app password for Gmail and then you can use the official client