Older massages may appear as a new massage

using Desktop-linux-1.14.1
massages should be sorted based on when they have been sent not received.
for example i am chatting with someone and there are lags in email based communication:
i say: will you be there?
and then after 5 minutes i say:
will you bring your friend?
then his answer appears at the bottom:
yes i will

Expected behavior

##Actual behavior

Delta Chat always puts the messages after the last seen message, even if it is older. This is to ensure that user will notice new messages.

Sorting according to sender timestamp can make things worse, especially if messages are sent from multiple different devices which have clocks off by a minute or more.

Maybe we should highlight the date on such outdated messages, so it is easier to notice they are reordered.

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anything that works…highlighting the date/time could be nice.
i thought the time was based on a standard time at email servers so my solution is useless but i know that the current order could be confusing.

Displayed timestamps are put into messages by the mail client, so they are really unreliable if user does not synchronize the clock via NTP. Even if server timestamps were available, I would rather not trust them too, as there are all kinds of mail servers in the wild.

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The solution is then: mark message as outdated if it’s timestamp is less than the timestamp of the latest message in a chat. If two outdated messages arrive, only the first will be marked, but it should be enough to warn the user and get attention to timestamps.

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