Only new emails shown, why?

After login and check to show all emails, I see only newly received emails. As if my mail is new and clear. How to see all mails I received before?

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Hello :wave:,
in the past all emails were displayed.
But there was a bug and that’s why this function was deactivated for now.


Usually one can make a temp folder on the email server, move all messages from delt-chat folder into it and then back. Once moved anew into delta chat folder, old will be shown again. (at least it worked in this way in old times back, and maybe still good enough to fix the issue), good householder.

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Just encountered this as well, if this bug is staying longer would be good to add a warning, otherwise any ETA on a fix?
Maybe a link to the issue? Cannot find it in the repo :confused:

the config key for this is called fetch_existing_msgs.

you can find issues regarding it when searching for it:

Might be that there are still some small bugs but the bigger issue basically is that you don’t have the key to decrypt your messages anymore and there is no feature to decrypt messages after receiving/loading them from the server, here an example:

  • I enable fetch_existing_msgs, then login
  • it fetches all old messages (that are still present on the imap server, we have a feature that allows deleting messages on imap after time X. but lets say all messages are still there)
  • I get tons of messages with “Failed to decrypt message, was it encrypted to another key?”
  • I import my old key because I still had it somewhere (like on another device)
  • Deltachat does not attempt to decrypt the messages again with the new key ← that’s the missing feature

If you need it to setup a new device import/export a backup file or use the upcoming networked backup transfer feature that we are developing right now (its already out in the mobile test versions, desktop will be out in a week probably)