Optimize chat view

Currently the messages take up a lot of space in the chat, compared to other messengers, With the new option, a single reading receipt for several messages read, (very useful for saving data) I think it would be convenient to optimize the current visit of the messages a little more, in order to show as many messages as possible …

I hate to say it but apparently WhatsApp is my best reference to show the most messages on the screen.

WhatsApp, 20 short messages
Telegram, 15 messages
DeltaChat, less than 10 messages.
(This data may vary depending on the device.)

That’s why I recommend:

  1. Decrease the space between messages.
  2. Decrease the upper and lower margin, between the text and the background of the message.
  3. Date followed and not under the text, in the messages.
  4. I appreciate any other ideas