Option to disable ALL animations in DeltaChat apps

I think this would be useful for people who have got Epaper/Eink displays. These displays have got low refresh rate and apps with animations usually would have bad UX on these displays.

Eink monitors are sold by few companies:

But Android Eink tablets have been in the market for so long, notably by Boox and Boyue. Recently, Xiaomi is also producing a few models.


BTW, I happen to have a Boox Leaf which is running Android 10 and I have Delta Chat on it.


Android already has an option to disable animations. If Delta Chat for Android does not respect it in some place, this is a bug, you can file a GitHub issue.

Where can I find this option? And what about the Desktop app? I guess it doesn’t have priority for now?

Disable Animations on Android to Improve Performance or How to disable interface animations in Android 12 | My Computer My Way

In DC Desktop, AFAIK there is no such option yet.

Thank you @link2xt and @Hocuri . It turns out BOOX OS which is a skin for Android, already has disabled animations. As for Desktop, I don’t think having proper support for epaper monitors has high or even medium priority right now. e-paper tablets are kinda widespread. But e-paper monitors are not. Lack of colour, the price and the usability all make the users avoid buying an e-paper monitor.

However, having an option to disable animations in Desktop could enable users of weak PCs(old x86 or new ARM) to have better performance.