Option to get e-mail notifications for new messages

Expected behavior

The user gets a notification e-mail when there is a new message to read in Delta Chat. The e-mail app notifies them of the notification e-mail.

Actual behavior

IOS users don’t get any notification at all (or in the coming version after a large delay).


The notification might look somewhat like e.g.
Subject: New Delta Chat message to read
Body: You have received a new Delta Chat message. Please open Delta Chat to read it.


In the released version av DeltaChat iOS users don’t get any notifications at all or get them with an unacceptable delay. Even in the upcoming version 1.17 the check for new messages might be up to every 20 minutes, when the phone is in use. Longer if laying on a table.

Make a work around solution for iOS users who experience great problems:
add an option to send e-mail notifications!

Rational: the e-mail app checks the account very frequently.

How it would work

It would work somewhat like this:

  1. The user doesn’t get any notifications (or get them with too much delay) from Delta Chat on his iPhone. But his e-mail app checks mail quite often and notifies OK.
  2. He/She sets the option: ‘Send e-mail notifications’ and adds an e-mail address for notifications (Default: the same as used in Delta Chat. If he uses a dedicated account for Delta Chat, different from his mail account, he must enter his e-mail account instead.)
    Optional: a test-mail is sent to the notification e-mail address, for verification.
  3. DC puts the option “send e-mail notification to ‘notification address’” in outgoing chat messages.
    e.g. something like “Preference: Send e-mail notification to *** @ *** . ***”
  4. The receiving Delta Chat app notices that the other part wants e-mail notifications and sends a notification e-mail to the notification address after each chat message.
  5. The original user gets notified by his e-mail application and opens Delta Chat to begin the chat.