Option to start on system start

It would be useful for some people to add DeltaChat to the startup applications.

This feature requires the implementation of an comand-line argument that start delatchat in the background with only the trayicon, if this argument is used the trayicon should be shown and desktop should act as if the trayicon was enabled, even if the user previously disabled it, also the trayicon setting should be disabled when started in this mode.

This might not be trivial to implement, because each system and package might need their own handling for this:

  • Linux

    • AUR / DEB
    • Flatpak
    • AppImage
  • Windows

    • Normal Instalation (exe)
    • Portable exe
      • disable/hide the option, because you don’t want auto-start for something that could be on an usb stick)
    • Store Version (APPX)
  • MacOS

    • Store Version
    • DMG version
      • while the dmg version is technically portable, its expected to be saved in the applications folder

Also keep in mind future versions such as snap, so it might make sense to disable the field/option unless we have a method that works on the current installation.

I’ll update/edit this first post in this topic to contain links/info about the platform specifics as we find out more details in the future, if you know something or have ideas please post them below.

Maybe there is a simpler way that other apps use, we should look into what other opensource apps do.

An button to “make deltachat your default mail program” faces similar platform/release-form dependency issues. Electron’s api for it only works on windows and macOS, where I don’t know if it will still work when packed in special formats like the appx for the windows10 store. This too will need investigation.

first step is done: