Optionally using of remote or local profile picture


This discussion is related to https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android-ii/pull/150#issuecomment-443211954

Currently you work on remote profile pictures (like WhatsApp do).

I would like still use my local profile pictures I set in the local phone book (like signal do).
As I said in a other thread before, I pick my chats and contacts by there profile picture.
This works only if I set a explicit picture for a contact.
By using remote pictures it can change everytime (somtimes a dog, a cat, a comic, a concert ticket…:wink:)

I know, many people like the behaviour of WhatsApp. But there are also people (e.g.me) who don’t like it.

So I think a option to switch between local and remote pictures would satisfy both groups.


There may be even no need for an explicit configuration switch here, just allow to override the supplied profile picture by selecting a local picture (and to unlink it again).


If I understand the implementation correctly it works this way:

If no remote picture available use the local picture.
Your suggestion is just a workaround.

And a simple switch for allow or disallow remote pictures would be much more user friendly and professionally.

Please no workarounds for relativ easy to implement things.:wink:

Usage of locale pictures is already implemented in the signal UI.


I don’t think it would be a workaround:

Show the remote picture if available, but as long as a local picture is defined always use the local one (overrides the remote picture in the same way as the generated default).


So it would work for me.
But what happens if someone would still see the remote picture after he has created a local profile picture in the phonebook?

If I have to do something outside Deltachat to to manipulate the behaviour of deltachat, it’s a workaround.


Looks like four priority levels then.

generated emblem
remote picture
device address book picture
app override


I think you meant it in reverse order, right ?

  • app override
  • device address book picture
  • remote picture
  • generated emblem

Owner of device should be still the owner of device in this case and owner’s preference should override anything external…


okay, yes, maybe the easiest solution is to prioritize the local image set by the user over the one from the remote user.


Do you mean pictures set in the locale phonebook or have I set for every contact a picture into DC?

For me, both is ok.


i meant, priorizing the local phonebook pictures set by you over the remote pictures set by the other person might be the easiest solution :slight_smile:

not sure, if this sentence is clearer :slight_smile:


OK, now I got it. :+1:

I was confused by “app override”
I thought there is also a way to set directly in DC a profile picture independent of the pictures in the phone book.


I think “app override” was how I understood you, sorry if i misunderstood you here. I think it can be left out.


This looks like overriding the picture in deltachat may still be desirable: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android-ii/issues/166


Howsoever… The main thing is, I can set local pictures and don’t have to see the “stupid” selfis of my contacts :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not able to get how this remote picture work, does it have to do with the possibility to add a profile picture to a PGP key?


the sharing of personal profile pictures currently does not work at all. - only group profile pictures can be shared currently.

when implemented, it will be just an image attached to a mail and marked as the profile picture (the image will be sent probably only if the recipient uses delta as well and will be sent only on changes). i think we won’t read pictures from pgp.


Do you mean profile’s picture would be sent un-encrypted and will disclose not only receipeint’s emails but also their “faces” ?


You can add a picture to a public key AFAIK.

I think @r10s means exactly this pictures which eventually attached on a public PGP key.

Please let me know if I’m wrong.