Partial replies in DeltaChat desktop

Expected behavior

When I select part of a message and want to reply just to that part, there should be an option in the context menu like “Reply to selected” to reply to selected part of the message only.

Actual behavior

There is no such option.


we can look at telegram for a reference, they recently added this: Replies 2.0, Adjustable Link Previews, Name Colors and More

You could look as well at xmpp, where with “>” you “quote” a message. However, it would be helpful if pressing on the quoted text would take you back to the original message.

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This is a reasonable thing to add. I guess it needs core changes? @Simon @link2xt

yes, but to make it good we also need much work on ui, like being able to select text of a message on the iOS and on the android version. So this is a really substantial effort across all platforms (it’s hard).

Why do we need this feature in the beginning on all platforms? Can’t we simply add it as experimental feature to Desktop first?

maybe we could do that, would need some core and ui changes that you can specify the text that was replied to. But there are some more questions like do we only support one reply/quote per message or multiple? the latter would be much much harder.