Paying for developing a feature

I am developing an app that is basically able to create and distribute keys to various app needing them for asymetric cryptography. Think it as a supercharged PGP KMS. I would like to integrate with Delta Chat as a proof of concept.

I need basically that delta chat is able to grab the PGP key from a third part app (using a simple API):

  • a button “get your PGP key from 3rd part app”
  • opening the third part app using custom myapp://requestkey/email/?callback=
  • develop a callback in deltachat (maybe there is one already)
  • develop the function that will verify the key validity (javascript lib provided) and ask to user to validate the new PGP key in deltachat

Does this makes sense as development?

I am ready to pay for it.


great idea!

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This sounds a lot like the idea of: For example:

One of the aspects that I find interesting and fundamental would be the idea of ​​having a roadmap or feature voting system. That way, anyone who programs can get paid independently.