"pending message" issue

Appreciation for care and patient, good csb0730.

So good csb0730 thinks, aside of the found bug, other errors wouldn’t cause pending issue as for being blocked to use a group further. If that is the case, so errors are further “just” an issue outside of the app here, this topic would be solved.
Still not sure if not other things, similar errors, wouldn’t cause it again.

I have a similiar issue reported here: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/issues/2095

It’s quite annoying because even if it’s possible to figure out who it is to whom we cannot send the message, deleting them from the group is not possible. DeltaChat will try to send the message to them too and if it fails, will be forever doomed in a try pending loop.

Thanks @SamanaJohann for reporting :slight_smile:

That’s one of the phemonenas in relation with “pending”, yes. Once adding an address with a typos for example. Delete oneself and re-add solves the appearance of no more being able to post once a group issue in regard of members was touched. But if seems as if just the initial inviter gets such troubles.

Just got possible aware on situation where “blocking” because of pending would be actually good: if first (previous) message is not delivered yet, it can possible cause much confusion if laster message arrives first, before previous (as on other place mentioned, the sorting of messages seems to follow different pattern, display, store…)

Yup, this is the problem of message sorting and should get fixed at some point. If an earlier message failed to get sent, later messages should probably block too. But also receiving the messages in a different order can cause this problem, I think there is the idea to include the message id of the previous message so that the other client can know how to sort them.

Should be fixed now: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/pull/2141

Sadhu, Sadhu Master link2xt, and mudita
(Could it be used already, updated in action?)

What was meant by not solved is that this case solves a particular error but not the “block of communication through pendig issues” general, if seeing clear, right?

Message-ID is already sent in the In-Reply-To header. However, Delta Chat always puts new messages below all the read messages to make sure you don’t miss them.

One option is to highlight the timestamp for out-of-order messages, so user clearly sees that there was a reordering.

It will be available in the next nightly APK and in the next release, but it is not planned soon.

Appreciation for care and share.
(personal yet not sure about update install as well as not using google play)

The point is merely a newer send, newer received, or newer delivered, of which is hard to recognize, good master Link2xt

See "Failed to send" particular or always all receiver? for works on open issues.

Good master link2xt,

having just installed the nightly-version from 27. January, the issue seems to be still present. Having add a new contact to a chat containing Khmer letters new messages are/staying pending.

(btw. on the mainpage, listing all chats, send and pendig signs seems to got nearly the same color and hardly visible)

I have looked at the message you sent to me previously again: it seems to hit the bug https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/issues/2118

I have marked it as blocker now, we should really prioritize fixing it.

Sadhu for care, good master. As reading “empty…”, maybe good to know for your team: Khmer script uses zero-space signs to divide words (other south Asian scripts too, of which you currently don’t carry for now). Some software has troubles with it and programmer also don’t like it, often cut them away here or there, causing then also issues.

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