"pending message" issue

Valued delta-team, valued user,

having all new messages in a group pending since two days, my person wonders of what could be the reason and how could it be solved.
Although not always good internet connection, sending to own address on same server works fine.
Would one wrong email, or rejecting email in a group leave messages pending?

What ever inspirations in this regard are appreciated.

After deleting of last added accounts, although old messages nevertheless stayed “pending”, new messages could be send. Could it be that one contact can block sending in a group?

The server can return a “transient” or “permanent” error:

My guess is that your server returned a “transient” error, because the server of the new contact was not reachable or similar problem. In this case Delta Chat keeps trying to send the message for 17 tries spanning roughly 3 weeks, so the message appears to be pending forever.

If the error is permanent, a cross is displayed in the corner and Delta Chat stops retrying. So it is up to the server whether it instructs Delta Chat to keep trying or show an error.

Currently only permanent errors are displayed in the “info” of the message. I would indeed be nice to be able to see in the “info” how many tries were made and the relevant error messages, but Delta Chat does not allow this yet.


Thanks. That seems helpful for understanding.
But the question remains: Can it be that only one unreachable (maybe mis-spelled address) contact in a group could cause such an endless “pending” state and block that message from being delivered to everyone else?
This seems to have been the case here. But I wonder how this works. I thought it would just work like normal e-mail: An e-mail to multiple recipients would arrive at all recipients who are reachable. If there is an error for some address this would not block the e-mail from arriving at the other recipients.
Why does this apparently happen in DeltaChat?

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Delta Chat simply sends an email and it is up to the server whether it delivers it to everyone who is reachable or stops as soon as it encounters an error. It is possible that the message is delivered to other contacts, but Delta Chat still shows the message as pending on the sender side. Reachable contacts will get the message multiple times in this case, but Delta Chat deduplicates them at the receiver side.

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Sadhu for giving into that issue, master link2xt, master Moritz.

As tryed out another (master Moritz) wouldn’t get the message, once shown as pending.

Now, having added anew 10+ contacts (yet exclusively on “own” server, which seems to work well generally) having following message pending likewise as before since hours.

Could it be that delta-chat tries to reach out all first, before sending, and possible not so stabil connection causes to stop, requiring long permanent connection?
If sending one by one, connection would be enough. Reaching an amount of say 20 contacts in the group, internet connection not stabil enough to progress the hole package.

Just thoughts of someone not much into all tgis spheres.

That’s maybe an indicator of the thought that delta-chat may work in sending all, rather then on after another, which might fail in my persons connection situation. Yet thinking of a group of hundred contacts, now not able to handle 20+ possible very problematic.

Removing new added again, it works fine, although old message is still “pending”, probably still carry (31 receiver and not just 18 like again now.

Other user have similar issues and especially the general status of group, such as members, are total different displayed. (It needed 3 days to successful add a common skill user to bring her till the group!)

Just as info for possible “practical” solving, as well as to find root of appearance, wishing to solve it:

An other member of the group had similar problem as my person, pending message 24h. Deleting the member and re-adding the member fixed the problem, at least to be able to send new messages again.

Could it be that pendig messages (most possible caused by connectivity problems), even if deleted, are tried to be delivered, blocking so the user from posting anew (till 3 weeks) and that being reason, delete from a chart, and adding a user again, solves the problem for particular case?

Feedback as audio (external since upload not allowed)

Not sure if of help here or for later with similar issue, or to slove “bugs” or to run after new trends successfully, if desired:

Pending issue, on delta-chat, seems mostly connected with adding members to a list.

Gotten an error mail this time, listing the added mail-adresses:

MAILER-DAEMON@…net wrote: This is the mail system at host …net.

I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

              The mail system

<{emailadress}>: SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not offered by host

<{emailadresse>: SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not offered by host

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SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not offered by host

This is an error from remote host, meaning that your “From:” address or mail subject contains non-ASCII characters, and the remote host can’t accept your email. We should indeed encode all SMTP headers as ASCII for better compatibility.

Delta Chat normally encodes all mail headers as ASCII. Could you check the headers of the original mail or send me the mail attached to the MAILER-DAEMON message?

It incl. Khmer Script, good master link2xt. Groupnames are:

Assistance for software use - ជំនួយសម្រាប់ការប្រើប្រាស់កម្មវិធី
សង្ឃំ.net (km ភាសារខ្មែរ)
sangham.net (en English) (this was recently changed into latin)

Khmer incl. also zero-space chars.
(attachments of error-mail, my person can not download, no app for it, it says, in the standard client, lets see if able via web)

If good master has an email, my person could forward the mail.

When, removing the person with pendig issue and readd, so that the issue of being block is solved, the status of memership displayed for the person, and that of other, is different. Making it difficult to get to “real” status.

My person could download the reports via web-client, and guesses with header this was meant, good Master @link2xt
Return-Path: samana.johann@sangham.net
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8; format=flowed; delsp=no
Chat-Group-ID: SlZ6k_Vbxi8
Chat-Group-Name-Changed: sangham.net សង្ឃំ.net

How ever, my person will send the files in a zip via pm to good link2tx.

Thanks for the report, I have filed an issue:

It is a bug in Delta Chat indeed.

Mudita that you could maybe have good gains from my persons surely hard to understand “feeds”, at “least”, good Master Link2tx and team.

Oh, not fixed yet (unchecked “solved” again.). since “just” found reason for one error, not solved the pendig issue general.

In other cases, for example, a certain email cause the problem, not to seek for all causes of errors, but how to solve a pending issue aside of letting one deleted from the list and adding again, to be able to participate again.

(example: a typos in email domain caused 25: no root to host. Issue fixed by it self 3 days later -> normal 3 days blocked, if not knowing the trick, right)

When a group mail is sent, this mail is transfered only once to the mailserver, but with a list of all recipient adresses. This is smtp. Delta then sets the hook when mail is delivered to the mail server and there is not fault in sending process.

Now, when one of these addresses is broken or wrong format for example it depends from smtp server what happens: a) it can send to the remaining addresses or b) replies with an error and no recipient is reached.

Another situation is for example if recipient address formats are ok, but one recipient for example is not existing at remote system. Then the mail server is sending out, but later an error message is generated.

You should have a look into your inbox or even Contact Requests in Delta Chat if you’re getting an error message.

Then you can decide what happened beside a (possible) bug in Delta.