Plan for first release


Do you have a idea when you will release the first Beta or stable Version in Play Store?

I know if this is reached :yum:

But any ideas when this will be?

Thank you for your work :+1:


we’ll as you’ve already said - as soon as the things that should be done are done :slight_smile:

there is no hard due date, also it is not 100% clear how many devs can work on issues, however, following all the github activity the last weeks, one may get an impression.

an overview about some open things to do is available at


Thank you and sorry for my late replay.

I hope it will come up very soon.
I would like to use DC with my (non tech friends) ASAP.
An they need a official way (Play Store) to install DC :wink:

By and happy coding.


Hello webratte.

I have some good experience with installing F-Droid at non-technical experienced friends that (in opposite to side-loaded APKs) also enables automatic updates after new releases. Perhaps this can be a workaround for you until “official” Play Store is release?

regards, Sven


Second the suggestions to consider f-droid also for non-it friends. I installed it once or let them install and they are happy with it. Also, there are some nice apps on F-Droid – eg started recently to use “Maps” which is really well done and i much prefer it over OSMAnd … I heart there also is a well-done e-mail app but haven’t used it myself yet. Also there is K-9 mail of course which also supports Autocrypt and can share keys with DeltaChat.


It sounds a litte bit strange to say they should side load a App (f-droid) because they won’t side load a App (Delta Chat) :wink: