Play Store DC 1.42.4 Update

Hello :wave:,
is DC-Android 1.42.4 unlocked in the Play Store?
When I access the store via browser, this version with date November 24th, 2023 has been displayed there for days. In the store app, however, only version 1.40 from August 12, 2023 can be seen so far.
Could this be a Google problem or perhaps the version has been withdrawn? :thinking:

1.42.4 is rolling out on Google Play Store already.

however, it is random, when you get the new version while rolling out - might be today or in 3 days (we’re using phased rollout to mitigate potential issues that occur “only in the wild” - unfortunately, even if you directly go to the play store, googles does not offer you an option to force an update)

Ok, thanks for the information. :+1:

But it is still possible to download directly (“download APK” option on and install over your Google Play version because it is signed with the same key.


Ok, thanks. I downloaded the APK. :+1: