Polling interval from the mail provider (mailo.com)

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How long is the polling interval in which the mail provider is checked for new messages?
Are there differences between Android, IOS and Linux Client?


How long is the polling interval in which the mail provider is checked for new messages?

If your server supports IDLE extension, there is no polling. Delta Chat keeps the connection open and waits for the server to notify it about new messages. If IDLE is not supported, then Delta Chat polls once a minute.

Are there differences between Android, IOS and Linux Client?

There are no differences, email downloading is implemented in the common core library shared by all clients.


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So, it’s once a minute for me.
Using mailo.com and can’t find something there regarding IMAP IDLE extension.

mailo.com does support IDLE, here is the output from manual rlwrap openssl s_client -connect imap.mailo.com:993 IMAP session:

? LOGIN username@mailo.com password

But their mail delivery pipeline is slow in my experience. I have a test account there and sometimes it takes even more than one minute for the message to be sent. If you look at the received message info, you can see something like this in DC:

Hop: By: b-1.in.mailobj.net; Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 10:41:14 +0000
Hop: From: msg-1.mailo.com; By: testrun.org; Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 10:43:18 +0000
Hop: From: testrun.org; By: afde54d32cc1; Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 10:43:19 +0000

This is a mail sent from mailo.com to testrun.org. This means it took 2 minutes between the message being accepted for delivery by b-1.in.mailobj.net (some internal mailo host it seems) and until msg-1.mailo.com (some mailo-operated relay) sent the message out. This is an internal mailo.com problem, DC usually grabs a mail from IMAP within 2 seconds.

Yes, I noticed that too. That they are not the fastest.
Possibly only with the free account. There must be an appeal to using the premium account.

Basically, that doesn’t necessarily bother me if the service runs reliably.

I have set up free accounts for the whole family that are only used for DC.
Regardless of the email accounts otherwise used.
So I have this under control administratively.

Other free providers have other weaknesses or are not supported.
No IMAP, mail.de can only send 50 emails per day in the free account, others only work with an invitation link, etc…

Mailo.com still has the smallest losses. It’s a bit slower

I can understand if there are limits on the storage size, number of sent messages etc. for the free account, but if the message gets stuck somewhere in the pipeline and it happens randomly I would suspect that the system is just not monitored and managed properly and some queue is overloaded. This does not make a good advertisement for the service and does not encourage switching to the paid account because who knows, maybe sending is just randomly slow there as well. If you are going to use a paid account, probably just switch to some provider like Fastmail or Migadu who are known to run the service properly and use your own domain.

But otherwise I also found that mailo.com is one of the easiest to create an account currently.

We also have a guide for setting up an email service yourself which takes a weekend to setup if you have some Linux administration skills.

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I agree with you. If it is not documented anywhere that the Free Plan has restrictions on queuing, then that suggests that the Pay Plan also has these restrictions.
As I said, this is (still) acceptable for my purposes.

To a service like Fastmail or Migadu. Yes, that’s right, but I simply don’t have the time to deal with it more intensively or to administer it.
I am currently very limited in terms of work and family.

I’ve been using Linux (Debian) since 1998. So this is not unknown to me. Mailcow on its own server would therefore not be a problem.

But time is the criterion.
And the crazy thing; I work for a German service provider as Head of Infrastructure. Almost all doors are open to me :wink:

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Hi @link2xt
since today I have problems on my devices to connect to mailo.com

I can login to mailo webmail without problems.
But the app (android, 1.40.1 from fdroid) and dexktop app (linux, flatpak) cannot connect

Delta chat is connected, but Inbox still connecting.

I don’t know what it means exactly.

Can you give me a hint?
Is your mailo.com account running without issues?



Yes, I sent a mail from mailo.com to my other server, it got delivered immediately.

Account is connected:

I sent a mail back to mailo.com from my other account and so far it was not delivered.
EDIT: it got delivered after some delay.

So there is some delay for incoming mail, but otherwise I can connect over IMAP.

It is only a test account though, I have set it up only on my desktop and it almost never sends or receives any mail.

@AlphaElwedritsch would help if you can collect the log and see what happens there.