Porting apps to webxdc: don't just fork, make MRs

There are some tens of webxdc apps already. A lot of them are forks (see DeltaZen · GitHub and webxdc · GitHub). I think we should strive for getting the porting changes merged into the upstream repos.

  • Greater exposure of webxdc. More people are gonna find out about it, by just using the app / visiting its page.
  • Easier maintenance. Maintaining one copy of the project is easier than maintaining 2. And if whoever ported the app gets hit by a bus, the project will live on.

Although the majority of the upstream repos I mentioned above didn’t get updated since they were forked. So what I’m suggesting is of course not always a necessity. But I hope I make the general idea clear.

The project owners may of course push back on it, since the porting may introduce additional complications, but this needs to be taken also as feedback, an opportunity for improvement. Developing for webxdc needs to be simple. The ultimate goal after all is to make people want to make webxdc apps themselves.

Another benefit: people looking at existing apps can see that they don’t have to keep two separate versions of their app (the original one and the webxdc one).