Possibility to scroll each window using arrows and shortkeys

Currently scrolling a window is possible by moving the mouse to the window and then scoll with the mouse wheel. Focus keeps always on the input text window. This is ok as long as we use a mouse but does not work when we want to use (additionally) the arrow keys like up and down or combined short keys for scrolling (e.g. page up and down). Only with the TAB key it is possible to change the window focus for key scrolling. It should be possible to click on a window to bring this window into foreground to enable using keyboard scroll features.

Expected behavior

It should be possible to use normal keyboard features for scrolling.

Actual behavior

Not possible to bring a window in foreground to be able to use keyboard features for scrolling. With the TAB key it is possible but not convenient for several reasons.

Windows Desktop App version 1.15.5