Possible proposal collaboration

Hi, I have been given the details of this project and it looks really cool.
We launched CryptoName.org a week ago, CryptoName is a domain name service which links a cryptocurrency wallet, Elastos DID, email, web addresses and much more to to one address.

I would love to talk to someone that can help to implement CryptoName tech within Delta.chat App, such as I can find my friend via a CryptoName, this is a very simple cooperation.
The next step is that I hope Delta. Chat can use our DID for their users, just like a wallet, user import his seeds and generate his private key, use this private key to encrypt his message.
Apart from this we will promote and hope to bring alot of users from the Elastos community as we think the community will love this. If you haven’t already heard of Elastos, Elastos is building the new smart web.
It’s a completely decentralized new internet where you will own your data. Checkout @ElastosAcademy for more info .

So I wonder if anyone could help me , or can give me the contact details of someone please.


I don’t know… What would the advantage of using a DID instead of the email address except for some cross-promo? Also it is already very complicated to explain this “This is a messenger except that it uses email” to users, and this collaboration would make things more complicated.

I am a little bit confused. Delta Chat does not access any key server to import a public key of a chat partner, but where shall the seeds come from, and does it have anything to do with a “decentralized new internet”?

Nevertheless, there are other well-invented/-developed proprietary messengers that have their own ecosystems, so it might sound a bit harsh when I am asking: Why shall anyone install and use just another messenger with its own infrastructure? And what may be the benefit compared to other messengers? For me, the benefit of Delta Chat is that I can chat with any person who owns a mail address.

This idea reminds me of the good(?) old days of CompuServe…

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