Posteo: Notes lost when using Delta Chat

Hi - new user with an odd problem that I have traced back to Delta Chat

Delta Chat version
1.28.1 (iOS)

Expected behavior
Delta Chat works without affecting my underlying email.

Actual behavior
I am using Delta Chat with Posteo. One of Posteo’s features is a Notes app. While I don’t know the underlying technology, the notes sync via IMAP (eg. to Apple Notes) and are stored in a special Notes folder which is visible in IMAP clients and Posteo’s own webmail.

I am finding that notes created or edited in Posteo’s web interface, are being deleted (read: lost entirely) when Delta Chat syncs. With Posteo’s support team I’ve identified that the issue does not exist when Delta Chat is not connected, although the mechanism is unknown. It doesn’t affect notes created via Apple Notes but stored in Posteo, unless they are later edited in the webmail notes app.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Set up Posteo account
  2. Connect Delta Chat
  3. Create note in webmail
  4. Verify note saved correctly
  5. Turn on device with Delta Chat and sync
  6. Note will have vanished

Feels a bit obscure, but can anyone speculate why this may be happening? I’m assuming that it may be related to how Delta identifies messages originating to/from the linked account, but I’m just guessing here. Hoping that a small config change may resolve this issue as I really want to use Delta Chat and Posteo together.


Hi sambe, interesting phenomenon!

Have you tested what happens when you activate Only Fetch from DeltaChat Folder in the IMAP settings?
For this to work you would also need to set up a filter directly in Posteo that moves all messages related to DeltaChat in the DeltaChat folder.
I use such a filter with which moves all incoming emails that possess the “Chat-Version” header into the DeltaChat folder.

Could you test with a Testflight build? There have been many changes and bugfixes recently.

The issue is very likely already fixed in the latest versions:

The problem here is that notes have no Message-ID and old versions of Delta Chat treat all such messages as duplicates and delete them.

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I cannot reproduce the issue with the latest nightly build for Android, but it occurs in version 1.28.1.


Nice, seems like it’s fixed then!

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