Posts in my spam folder disappear

Hi, my problem: If someone replies to me via mail tool, the posts in my spam folder disappear and are not shown in Delta Chat. What can I do? Thanks for your help!

Disable the spam folder or make a server side filter rule that moves everything with a Chat-Version header to the DeltaChat folder.
You could also adjust your spam detection settings to get less false positives or use DeltaChat with a dedicated email account that has a better spam filter.


Thank you. But that’s not so easy. Does the “Automatically move to delta chat folder” option help?


DeltaChat only watches the folders you enabled. You can enable some or all of the following folders:

  • Inbox
  • DeltaChat
  • Sent (enable this in conjunction with the option send copy to self if you’re using multiple devices)

When you enable “Automatically move to delta chat folder” DeltaChat tries to move emails from the folders it watches to the DeltaChat folder.
Since you can not watch the spam folder with DeltaChat it can’t see nor move anything from there.

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Thanks for this important information. I think it’s difficult because my counterpart must also have spam management under control. Companies also use external spam filters.

(For example, short messages such as “HI” end up in spam.)

Sounds like a bad spam filter.

For me it sounds also like a bad spam filter.
But still it happens and should not ignored by the DC devs.

If possible, a whitlist must be created manually. But users have to understand that first. The system needs to know that no mail from this sender can be spam.

Overall it works well now. Thanks for your help.