Predefined Groups possible?


And this


also you should know that right now dc groups are democratic(anybody can join or remove group members) they are not good for an hierarchical setup, if you have a lot of members in a group, and more if they are young students, for sure they will have a lot of fun removing their friends from the group or joining people from other semester to the group.

Something that could help are “owned groups”:

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They are allowed to do that. Its more a thing of organization. In every first class of semester you see all the students changeing numbers and inviting each other into groups… so why not put them into the semester group right away so everyone is onboard and gets all the other contacts.
This is not about Teacher -> Student groups or that someone could leave. If they want, they are allowed to leave or invite other people.
The bot+qrCode clould be a thing for some other groups like party or sport… I will keep that in mind. Thanks


anyway having such a bot will be handy, since if an user leave the group, and maybe by accident, it can ask the bot to join him again, or they can intentionally leave the group at some time and join again whenever they want