Prefer plaintext over HTML or other rich content

Expected behavior

In a multi-part message, sent from a regular e-mail client, it’d be nice if DC would have a setting to prefer the plaintext part over the HTML part. It could indicate somehow that there is rich content available and THEN present the “Read full message in browser” option instead of displaying it all the time for HTML messages.

Actual behavior

Text is shown, followed by “Show full Message in Browser”.

I realize many would see this as a “minor issue”, but it wrecks the esthetics :slight_smile:


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I’m afraid I don’t understand.

I mean… that’s done currently… by showing a “Show full Message in Browser” button…

I don’t get it, when should this option be shown and when not?

Sorry, maybe I was a bit unclear.

  • The “indicator” (less intrusive than the “Read full…” message) should be displayed when there’s multiple text parts; if I hover over the indicator (could be […] or something similar) or click it, you either show the text that is currently displayed, “Show full Message in Browser”, or simply go and show it directly.
  • I guess I must have included a lot of junk like signatures and stuff when I was testing, because it looked really ugly when I responded from the e-mail client (not Delta Chat obviously).


I agree otherwise, but I consider this as a bug instead of a feature request, so I reported it at GitHub referring back here.

I hope the Wikipedia link helps explain what is the problem:

The issue with this is that these days often the plain text is generated by a very buggy to-markdown converter. For example, BackerKit’s plaintext version destroys the links since they restart the numbering and shadow their own reference URLs.

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