Previously sent messages not synced to second device?

Delta Chat version

Expected behavior
When I log in to a second device with the same email account, and send it the autocrypt setup message from the existing device, existing conversations in the DeltaChat folder should sync to the second device

Actual behavior
The only conversation I see is the Autocrypt setup message

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Sign in on one device
  2. Sign in on second device
  3. Send Autocrypt setup from first device

Screen snapshots

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Sadly we don’t sync old messages yet, first aid would be to import an backup instead.

Ah, ok. That’s still better than Signal (whenever I set up a new Signal desktop instance it starts with no history too).

Messages from this point onwards should show up on all clients right?

yes, exactly

but the backup import option given by @Simon is a good solution, also this way you don’t have to configure Delta Chat at all and don’t need to send the autocrypt setup message, it is just like cloning your Delta Chat to another device :slight_smile:

BTW welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry for the slow reply - thanks!

I ended up doing over on a new email account since for some reason I never get notified of replies with Gmail, and this time immediately backed up and restored on my second device. Everything works like a charm!

Is there a general Delta Chat discussion / test group I can join? Right now I only know one other user, and my other conversations are with normal email users