Problem with Datavolume


This Day i have a Bug.
In one Day there is 1,3Gb Datavolume gone.
I read the Datacontrol.
It was Delta Chat!
After blocking Mobildata, Deltachat load the same at the WLAN.
Now all is Blockes.
Is this a known Problem?


I am not pretty happy with the data usage of Delta Chat at the moment, but unless you have received a big amount of messages with content like images and other attachments, this should not be happening.

BTW, I think you should provide the Delta Chat version you are using…


There have been several reports. One problem, the continuous retries on sending errors should have been fixed though.

Don’t know if deltachat supports resuming interrupted up/downloads on flaky connections, that could be another reason.

Tapping on “Info” at the bottom of the version info page (in the settings), shows some log data. (But remove the personal info if you want to post it.)