Problem with new message notifications in chat list

Expected behavior

When I’m chatting and receive a new message (or messages) and I press back, that message(s) doesn’t appear as new ones (unread).

Actual behavior

DC shows me as new the messages I just read

Other stuff

I’m using DC 0.510.1.
This is really easy to reproduce, ask a friend to text you while that friend’s chat is open, when you receive the new mail (and you read it), press back.


Yes, that has happened to me, I have not given it much importance, but, since you mention it, it would be good to have it checked.


Sí, es cierto, pero me sucede cuando doy atrás rápido y supongo que el sistema no percibe que lo miré los uficiente para pasarlo a leído.


yes, it doesn’t happens always to me, I can’t reproduce it every time

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I’ve realized that if I don’t want it to happen I have to wait for DC to blink (like when pressing F5 on a browser) for it to update the notifications, only problem is that it takes a little in my phone