Problem with shared links that contain other languages

Version 1.15.4 (git: v1.15.4) Linux Mint
same problem exists on Android

when i share a link that has Persian strings in it, instead of showing the strings in Persian; DC shows the code which is long

Expected behavior

Persian link:

Actual behavior

test link:

Arabic link:

Which browser are you sharing from? Is it Firefox?

yes i also tested Chrome on android

so when displaying links we should show the uri-decoded version?

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Have you copied the link from your browser? I think the uri decode variant comes from your browser, because I can send and recieve it fine when I don’t use the uri encoded variant:


thank you for your response :slightly_smiling_face:
yes it happens when i copy the link from browser(Chrome, Firefox )…these browsers use encoded version (if your local settings are set to a certain language) and since no one types a long link like that, sharing them from browser will lead to a long gibberish text. is it possible for DC to keep the encoded variant when I paste an encoded link?
encoded link in Firefox: