Problems with mixed S/MIME - PGP Environements

Expected behavior

Replying via Email Program to Chat Message - visible message in app

Actual behavior

As S/MIME is the preferred encyprtion standard in Emails (companies strongly prefer that), the email reply out of Thunderbird e.g. is automatically S/MIME encrypted for know recipients. In the chat-app on Android, only the encrypted part is shown.


  • Delta Chat Addon for Thunderbird: In case of a chat message, the appropriate PGP key is selected for encryption
  • S/MIME decoind capabilities to be included (and certificate management for S/MIME also)

Can you elaborate on your feature proposal?
I don’t quite understand what the problem is?

do you want S/MIME support in DeltaChat?
are you looking for an auto-crypt capable encryption plugin for Thunderbird?

PS: you don’t have to fill out the “expected/actual” template sometimes its more confusing than helping.

Well simply speaking i wouldlike to to use S/MIME in email and delta chat. as we are using it with Thunderbird in the company and one of the big advantages of delta chat is the integration in email, it gets problematic when thunderbird uses smime in replies. Also, pgp handling in thunderbird is still not as easy to use as smime.
So yes i would like to be able to use smime in delta chat AND i want to be able to integrate delta chat in our existing key infrastructure, i.e. use our keys instead of delta chat generated ones.
i hope this is clearer now.

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