Provider list, add zoho distinction

free zoho accounts after december 2018 no longer include smtp/imap. Paid accounts do. Please qualify zoho as “zoho [paid]”

@enacting thanks for the info, we can add a hint to the provider-db then. however, the information are a bit unclear, the website says only POP is not available for free accounts, but that might also be a fault on their page.

i think, we should try that out with a fresh account, cc @compl4xx , i think this is on the todo-list anyway.

I remember reading about that. My specific concern was revocation of ActiveSync.

I don’t remember the time cutoff but after the change they broadly disabled ActiveSync, but will re-enable it upon request (for accounts created prior to the deadline)

Their app is so kludgey it’s not worth the hassle on new accounts. But their help team is otherwise responsive. This year when I spend money for email I plan first to try posteo dot de. I had been using a non email specific paid Web host as email. As per ticket I also use free with grand success.

It even seems that does only offer custom domains. We decided not to include custom domain providers in the DB at all… I propose to take it out.