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Sending works, receiving doesn’t.

To elaborate: I sent a friend a message, he doesn’t have deltachat, he replied via email. I can see his reply in my email inbox, but it doesn’t show up in DeltaChat (0.101.0-PREVIEW from GH on macOS). Restarting DeltaChat doesn’t help.

Another runbox user here. I can confirm that my results are the same.

Tried to click myself a runbox account – but get smtp login failed – do i need to enable special settings at runbox or on delta’s side to get an initial session?

A search able list would be nice in the future, but until then I suggest using Ctrl+F to search the list.

I didn’t need anything special… just my and password.

hey there,

I can’t get acces to my delta chat app… I tried my Email and my Email both not working! System says couldn’t connect to imap server using SSL Error #6 Can somebody help me out with that problem!?

thx a lot

Hi @grrrizzly,
I found this on this post

Name: 3 1
State: OK on 2017-12
Preparations: send one mail via web and solve the captcha
Credentials: email+password

Maybe it will help.
I can’t test it. I have no AOL address

It would be great if you would replay if it work or also if not

saw that oe already tried it but didn’t worked…

Too bad :frowning:
So I have no idea.
Hopefully someone other can help.

State:         03-2019
Preparations:  enter additional password for external access in web interface
Login:         emailaddress + password
Comments:      without setting additional password external account access not possible


We should have a separate help page at for provider handling.

Most of trials to get DC working at friends phones run into trouble because of provider issues and I could only get it working with many research or provider change!

A common user has no chance to examine what to do or to find and interpret log!

Important (!)


A (github?) webpage with the provider specific information would need to get packaged into the app, to display the coresponding info when configuring a specific provider, and thus make the default setup procedure as hassle free as possible.

Name:         WebhostOne
State:        OK on 2019-03 with Delta Chat Core 0.41.0/Android 0.200.0
Preparations: IMAP [servername] SSL/TLS
              SMTP [servername] SSL/TLS
Login:        Login name or Alternative login with email address
Comments:     When using your own domain name, there may be a certificate error.

Compared with Disroot, GMail and Hotmail. I got less problems and a good performance with accounts there.

Has anyone experience with “” ?

Comments should be moved to “preparations”!

@csb0730 go for it - it is an editable wiki-post. however, @simon also started creating a more structured database at - which, however, is also editable by pr

Ok saw it just now. In future I’ll edit if possible :slight_smile:

State: OK on 2019/07
Preparations: both for IMAP and SMTP
Login: email+password
Comments: Free/Hate Speech (due to the domains not people in my experience) mail service used by some people in the Fediverse that provides some domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
It seems has no policy about sending many mails A user reported to be banned some days after using it. No problem with other users.

In case anyone else wonders why they can’t edit the wiki post: I could only do that after having received the “Basic” badge.