Providers. Add mailo


I suggest adding mailo dot Com

imap smtp are enabled by default

Plus their webmail app facilitates creation and use of sign/encrypt keys (which I have not tested for interoperability)

AFAIC recall the attachment limit is around 15m. It is much better suited than il kcoc (NSFW suggestive images & phrases) spelled backward.

It does offer totp 2fa, and per app passwords. Not me-tested.

It has calendar and Web disk. I haven’t sorted out a stable CalDAV solution with gapps uninstalled.

Ports 993 465. I don’t recall if 500 range imap.port is an option.

Offers 5 aliases. Wink to aliases feature request here.

Requires adblocking with webmail. I recommend uBlock origin & nextDNS.

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There is an open pull request for now: