Public/publishing chats, give ways to join via web

Valued developer and user of Delta-Chat,

is there, are there, ways, possible simple, to give others ways to join a public (made) chat? Something like a way to provide a link (where one gets invited, introduced, maybe guided how to gain an email) with following guidiance till joining? And/or would there be ways to let such chat be visible (idea: similar to yahoo email-goups)? Sure, last would require to provide with certain server, if understanding right.

May my persons possible naively or confused seeming questions be pardoned, if far off the general understandings here in the community of yours.

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there are some bots, apparently. just search for “public group”. i couldn’t get any of them to work though.

my best bet today would be publishing the chat in these forums… but from android client alone the best i could do is a printscreen from the qr code, which is technically ridiculous.

i would love to know of a good way as well!

Appreciation for giving into.

What came to my persons mind is such as a “delta” portal page, where one could search for chats which there are shared (“share on portal”-option) by those running them, Mr. Cregox. My person thinks it couldn’t be that large, to maintain such webspace, for the “delta-team”, carrier.
Good if also having a guide there helping one to obtain a required email (note that maybe 80% of worlds population is not used to hold an email) by giving provider of different kind, register for such via telephon no (here would be the place to even finance such, by charging a particular email provider a fee).

QR-code things seems to be total alien, at least for a it-dummy like my person, either west or east.

80% of the world without email is certainly wrong, ms samana.

they say half the world, which is also unlikely to be the whole true. there’s certainly more than that.

here they say 63% of world population own a mobile phone, so the number of people with a phone number has to be less than that. i have 2 phones, for instance. only one has a phone number.

in any case, i would bet there are more people with emails than phone numbers, since kids can easily get free email, but basically no phone number is free.

i can say that i’m surprised with this quick research, though. i thought the number of people with email would be overwhelmingly higher. they might not be that different, after all.

and yes, qr code is alien to almost everyone.

there is a small guide for finding a good compatible email, though. found it on the faq:

Good master cregox:

Sure leading somehow off-topic and easy astray giving here into: My person does not relay on public statistics but on what is seen, and aside of the group in the west, starting IT-things, neither new joiner, nor 90% of east Asians (other areas like africa and South america might be the same) are not used to use email and can not convinced to a try, gotten by FB and other older Asian software raised up. From my persons experiance, world-views in the west are very limited, at least because not understanding most parts of languages actually domaining.

Sure, people get emails installed in stores, so that phones may run, but would never know how to use, not even know their email-address or password for large.

*The idea that children can not get a phone no, seems to be also centered to a very close view.

Maybe an older chart to get some impression (2017), sure even more upwardly


As sample: here in Cambodia FB got nearly the whole population taking account within 2-3 years, by making it just “click”. It’s actually a “cultural” thing. While west has long tradition in writting mails, new world is/was used to speak and listen and so there was no interest in mails right from beginning. One may not forget that Brahman Zuckerberg has an Asian woman and so easier access to see a larger demand in practical ways, out of the already very small box.

Sadhu (expression of appreciation, approve of good deed, like “bravo”) for share of provider-list of email-service. Idea above was such as a list after “No email” and then bot-ed back into delta after gotten one. If wishing, althought still manual to set up, could be added, for who objects use exclusively for harmless and non-commercial, non-entertaining purpose. Just a request needed (via email… or?)

i believe every time you say FB you mean facebook, right guru samana? :grin:

delta chat is based on emails for technical reasons. and emails are technically vastly superior than phone numbers, anyway.

unlike with most other services that use email for authentication, delta chat uses it for communication. it needs an email host. period.

regardless of what you say truly reflects the east population or not, perhaps we could still have a solution for all this with an email service which doesn’t need a password (by using keys or even special sim cards), which is technically just as possible as with the phone number.

unlike phone numbers, it is still cheaper to do and doesn’t need to be hard linked to a single phone device. however i don’t know if such an email provider without a password exists yet.

since this went full offtopic for now, anyway, just wanted to throw out that crazy idea! it could be useful for many other people as well. :kissing_heart:

and perhaps i missed your very first question. just to be clear:

that’s the QR code.

A qr code is just a “magic” pixel square that phones can scan with the camera and then get data from it.
so for the users its just press scan qr code then align the phone camera so that it gets a good view of the qr code.
That technology is basically an advancement to the barcode, which all products in supermarkets have these days that get scanned by the cashier.

Phone numbers also have an password, only that the users only type it in once (it is the pin combined with the secret key on the sim-card).

One could theoretically create an email provider that sends sms with one-time passwords and takes phonenumbers as usernames in its email addresses like [phonenumber] But for running such a service one would need to send an sms for each login with the onetime password, which will cost some money.

Sending one time passwords to verify that the user is really in possession of the phone-number is also what WhatsApp, telegram, signal and all the other phonenumber based messengers do.

DeltaChat has a feature called “burner account creation” that lets you get an account as easily by scanning an qr code and optionally setting a username. To get such qr codes one needs an email server that supports it, but at the moment no public ones exist so one would need to setup their own email server with installed.

Sadhu for your supportive shares, Master cregox, Master Simon,

My person thinks he is well aware of the use and need of existing media accounts.
Actually people wouldn’t easy be willing for greater efforts for longer happiness and security, for good, but always seek for most happiness and ease by most less effort, sacrifices.

How it works in the background, they wouldn’t care, unless getting grave “ill”.

My person guesses that solution, similar to idea of getting email (=server) via QR, getting email via phone (sms) is a way using used and existing.
Myself not easy understanding the QR-thing can not imagine to “train” even more IT-dummies to make use of such.

How ever, the topics inspiration was to look after initial opinions given by the software when wishing to start or guidiance, doors, to be able to join.
Thought on telegram, a web portal is privided for any chat where one gets the offer to make use of the app.

In the case here, although actually nice, all depends on very personal invitation via email only as means to inform, as means to access.

It globally has less chances to grow because the use to put efforts for happiness grows smaller and smaller.

Similar to that QR-get-email solution, phone-no to get email would be perfect.

Looks like all post with links to sangham. net by my person got flagged and hidden, at least by system.

Actually it shows one underlying thing: fear closes not dangers out, but oneself up and systems can not replace the requirement of giving first to gain results.