Push notifications are displayed for deleted accounts

Hello :wave:,
recently I deleted a chatmail account in DC-iOS, which I continue to use in DC-Desktop.
Even though the account no longer exists in DC-iOS, push notifications are still being received for it.
I’m unsure whether I should report this issue as a DC-iOS or Chatmail bug in GitHub.

probably it’s best to register an issue in the chatmail repo.

How did you notice that push notifications still arrive on ios?

You only removed an account, but not Delta Chat from iOS, right?

the issue is known and already fixed, but the fix is not released yet.

(for the interested ones: there are some situations where the - on purpose dumb - server thinks a notification is needed but the client knowns better: eg. muted-chats, already-read-on-other-client, account-deleted-on-client.
the client wants to not show a notification in these situations - however, by default, not showing push notifications is not possible on iOS. but needs a special entitlement we meanwhile got and made use of at make use of notifications filtering entitlement by r10s · Pull Request #2124 · deltachat/deltachat-ios · GitHub - it will be released with the next update)

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The notifications appeared on the lock screen. I was wondering why there weren’t any new messages in the app until it became clear that notifications were for the deleted account.

@link2xt Yes, that’s right.

@r10s Thanks for the explanation. :+1:
Do the servers learn that after a certain time push notifications are no longer necessary?
I ask because notifications should have been displayed again about three hours ago. But this time there weren’t any. I hadn’t accessed the messages in DC desktop until much later.
Now the push notifications are arriving again.

It makes sense to have a dumb server for the situations you described but for the situation if you delete an account I don’t see why the server should be dumb and still send notifications to that device. In this situation it seems to me that the “correct” action (in my opinion) is to un-register the device from the server, if this is possible.

Simply hiding the notification is in my opinion only an invisible workaround but not the “correct” solution.

surely, this can be optimised. but we also have to take development resources and maintenance effort into account, so we decided against for now