Push notifications IOS Delta Chat

I wonder if it is posible to do this on iOS to DC. I see how gmail do this on iOS and other apps.

It would be great to know about new emails without open the DC app and check it just when it is necessary.

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It is posible and it already works, but the latency (how long massage to push notification takes) is random as apple only lets the background process that checks for new messages run every 5-15min, sometimes only once per day. This interval is decided by the Operating system.

Other apps use central servers that sends the push notifications to apple and apple delivers them to your device.
This is not possible with Delta Chat as we don’t have own servers for the app. (not to mention that notifying apple over each message you get is obviously not good for privacy)

Also see:

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If it works not at all check if you allowed background updates for delta chat.
If it still doesn’t work at all it’s probably a bug and we should investigate that.

is there a Tasker-like app for iOS?