Question about using Delta Chat with Iran email serivces

I want to know if is it safe for people in Iran using Delta Chat with an Iranian email service? Could the Iranian email service provider decode the messages?

Hello :wave:,
I’m not a developer and can’t say much about security.
But last year there was a similar question.
Maybe the posts there will help you.


Especially this post:

Additional Information:

Hello @nasim.nazanin88 – if you and friends use national iranian e-mail servers with Delta Chat, then your messages will become end-to-end encrypted between you. If you also use it to e-mail non-delta chat users then those communications will not be encrypted, usually.

For DC users to protect messages against potentially hostile e-mail servers it’s best to use QR codes for setting up contact with each other, and then create so called “verified groups”. For more technical background, you can read here 2. Securing communications against network adversaries — Counter Mitm 0.10.0 documentation

thanks hpk.
The issue with QR code is that we want to contact activists inside Iran from outside the country.
But the idea of temporary email is good. How can we have access to it in Delta chat?
Sorry the other issue is we outside Iran won’t use national email. But they do.

Maybe sending the QR code image (inside an encrypted file) using file sharing services (e.g. Google Drive or Firefox Send Instances) lets Iranians (like me :smile:) to scan the QR code remotely!

It’s possible? or even safe? :face_with_monocle:

Send instances: