Question about works derived from your project, but not the code

Hello. I saw your project last year when I was researching communication software available on the market, and the technologies that they used for strategic planning for concerns over war.

I was impressed by how elegant the idea is to use email as a transportation mechanism for data, and an alternative to a centralized data store.

I believe with the eccentric behaviors from tech giants, and how they are using their customers data, we need to compete with them with decentralized models rather vigilantly to the effect of earning large market shares through consumer trust and customer satisfaction as tailored, and up-to-date as any other large company, and better than their efforts.

After seeing your idea, I was inspired to create a social media site based around the concept of designing an email client to look and behave in a way that customers are familiar with using social media.

I find it important to attribute the original visionaries behind any adopted idea, and I am contacting you to know what you would prefer for attribution, and also open the possibility for monetary contributions for your work.

I will not be using any of the code.The product will be one of many of a decentralized company that I am in the process of building.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • Adam Edsall

Didn’t all visionaries started out with building secure worlds, good adamedsall. Yet less would serve with truth of any world, even if clear.

Good undertakings, how every, compiled with seeking sense restrain, harmlessness and conflictlessness, always merit much for the doer, so may the fruits of the labor always ripe fast and visible, to increase faith in good to it’s fullness.

My person thinks that good householder will find any possible support from the eager team here, without much fearing required that not joyful in sharing good own labors.

Much success toward long term happiness and release.

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@adamedsall Sure, go ahead, you don’t need to pay us just for an idea - and if you want to use some code, deltachat-core even is licensed under MPL, which is quite a permissive license.

We would of course appreciate a note that your project was inspired by Delta Chat and a link to and if your project was Free and Open Source, too, but both is not necessary.

Also, would be nice to stay in touch, definitely tell us how your project is going! Please mention @Hocuri if you do, so that I see the message.

Finally, be warned that creating something that is actually usable and useful is looots of work. You can try to decrease the amount of work by

  • either forking some other Open-Source project and using it as the starting point - for example, our Android UI code is forked from Signal (which is allowed, since it’s GPL).
  • Or building on some other technology - you could e.g. try building your project as a webxdc

By the way, are you a single person, or asking on behalf of multiple persons who would like to do this?

FYI, so far we are mainly funded by public funding sources, but trying to find more sources of income (that don’t involve making anything worse for users, DC will always stay free).

(I’m part of Delta Chat’s development team, but my answers are on behalf of me, not also the other devs)

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I’m a single person building a lot of solutions to effectively bootstrap this eventually decentralized company I’m building without funding from investors. It’ll eventually be a very large group of people, but I’m working alone right now, and thus far masterminded this entire strategy. It’s a single owner LLC prior to decentralizing, and I’m responsible for all of the decision making until the company meets its revenue goals to decentralize, and let the algorithm that makes new owners to do what they want with a revenue stream based on a probabilistic model for helping make the group successful instead of rules, roles, or tiers take over.

Here are two posts on LinkedIn if you want to read more about that that tell the most, to my memory.

I used to be a consultant and solutions provider out of Houston, TX, USA. Companies came to me usually when another company said something couldn’t be done within constraints, and I found a way to make it happen. I develop large-scale enterprise applications, apps, obtain data, analyze data, develop AI, and more.

I’m most likely going to be doing this project in React, and the code will be MIT licensed to encourage as many other companies as possible to take the model on. I know I want to do it in React, because of its popularity, but I’m on the fence with developing Exchange modules for it. I didn’t see any last time I looked. So, I may change the framework before I get around to it after I finish up two more projects I’m working on right now.

I’ll advertise for Delta Chat, and tell everyone that you inspired us in the software, and if the project does well, I’ll help support your team periodically. Probably indefinitely rather consistently if, according to my market measurements for the audience I’m targeting, it’s even a 1/16th of the way close to my expectations.

Allez Marketing, this decentralized company I’m building, is an algorithm that works with the market, and dynamics in competition to progressively set the workforce free to do what they want with their life under a secure umbrella whether they pass or fail with their ventures, and an try, try again (the business model is composed of fail-restart revenue sections). So, at the heart of my efforts, I prefer to support your team for your brainstorming in making the world a safer, freer, place, and your solutions to your customers.

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Just because good householder thinks that such works for long time happiness for many, it wouldn’t. Not taking in account the first Noble Truth and that the root cause for all harm and conflict, bonds, lies within sensual craving, will effect only the opposite and let good householder ‘ever’ be bond to it, trying to fix issues. Seeing the effort, my person suggests to seek out of what’s really worthy for putting into much sacrifices and waste of old merits and skills of concentration. This goes maybe deeper, much deeper, as originally thought to investigate.

Well, I’m more involved in what I’m doing than would make sense to agree with this. It’s the result of actually parting ways with prior goals on behalf of the welfare of many out of necessity in my best judgement. So, I denied myself after seeing problems, and came up with this second. Someone said this to me before, but with a spiteful attitude. I’m confident that we need to provide for our people in times of uncertainty. If I don’t make a solution for people’s well being where they spend most of their time (work) someone else will, and they may not be in the mood to give a company away.

I appreciate your response, and time, anyway, though. It means a lot to me, and gives me a chance to respond.

People mostly don’t like it, but it’s by good deeds, labor, that one is able to gain freedom, good householder. So giving possibilities for labor in concentration camps, good hobbies, knowing whats good clear, helps, if others are willing to take on liberal such task.
That what common believed as help, “doing the work for others”, is just own merit (if even), unless for pure, worthy. So serving “poor” will just bind them to one, increase dependency. And if giving others into dependency of fake, AI (artificial ignorance, as intelligence would shout down fast), in what way did one help them out, increasing just laziness, losing the skills of remembering and concentration, make them even more worse and dependent.

This model requires them to pass an exam that’s not easy to pass, in which they have to work hard to gain a skill to be able to understand the minds of strangers. It’s an approximately 3-6 hour long exam (depending on the test taker), and there will be a free training program for the skill.

Through this mechanism, we increase the probability of individuals being valuable, hardworking, intelligent contributors to the overall company, and allows the company to grow in a way that is constructive to all of the owners.

Many will be interested in the company. Not many will pass the exam, and will have to work hard, and study to be able to pass. It encourages the population to educate themselves a great deal more than people typically do. Even top performers.

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So a slavery camp? :slight_smile: What’s the purpose? How to lead toward freedom from craving and independency instead of increasing both, en-velope, with suggestion it’s de-velop. Sending others into dependence on machines? Having no goodness, machine, that’s the first the dependencies will lose. Right? Orphans bond to machines.

I don’t do slavery camps. Eccentric ideas like these are sourced from one first believing they are superior than other human beings, and second trying to entrap them in the agendas of their limited, self righteous understanding.

My goals are to innovate solutions to bring as many as possible to my own skill level, and beyond, and these are the same solutions I use for myself. Independency is inheritably the goal with these types of efforts.

I highly disagree with your analysis. I find this conversation going to places there is no merit for it to go.

Understandable. Best success, Nyom, and best wishes to trace a tiny path.

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have seen with dismay that I clicked this text…unfortunately can not delete it … sorry :crazy_face:

Surely out of frame again, but maybe good householder can see the contradiction today better. Nobody would assist if not thinking “i am superior” or “my ways are at ease”, yet are they? And could a machine point out defilements (know others mind)? And again, real intelligence, would just stop.